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Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine & Trade made a Visit to the 24th Iran International Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & Commerce (elecomp)

Dr. Raziyeh Lak make visit to space of Industry, Mine & Trade at 24th Iran International Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & Commerce (elecomp) that achievements and production of GSI and affiliated center was shown

Expert of GSI participate at this event and showed achievement of GSI such as geological maps in different scales, basic information, geological and mineral exploration reports and introduced services of laboratory of mineral analysis and National Geodatabase of Iran.

Lak said: GSI have duty to provide basic information for two mission preventing wealth loss by geohazard study and creating wealth by mineral exploration study.

Lak said GSI basic information is fruitful for public and private sector involving in mineral exploration.

She indicated about four MOU between GSI and Iranian Space Agency, Cartographic Center of Iran and National Geographical Organization and said that all spatial data provided by four mentioned organizations will be disseminated for commercialization, job creation for private sector and usage of all geoscientist. 

Finally, at this visit MINOPA was introduced by Mining House of Iran. MINOPA is services for mining and mining industries. MINOPA services include startups, consultation and training.

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